La’veil MizeriA – Single “Soukoku” (April 15th, 2020)

La'veil MizeriA

«×× completely inside a circle of lamentation…
Wandering through the carvings like a pathetic doll…»

90’s Visual Kei inspired band La’veil MizeriA has recently introduced Makoto (MISSA) as their new official guitarist and now present to the world a new work created by this line-up. Their single “Soukoku” will hit the stores on April 15th. This release was initially scheduled to be out on April 8th, but it was delayed due to a printing issue. “Soukoku” will contain 3 songs.

A cryptic spot of the music video of Décadence was recently uploaded to YouTube. La’veil MizeriA definitely is a one-of-a-kind band!

The band also announced a national tour to promote this single. However, the concerts and in-store events in April has been sadly indefinitely postponed due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

After the release of their 1st album Higyakushoku no shuuen a year ago, La’veil MizeriA performed all over Japan in a 47 prefectures tour. Guitarist Jaki decided to leave the band after the end of that tour in November and a best-of album was also put on the market that month.

Without leaving behind their initial essence, La’veil MizeriA is facing 2020 with a line-up and they ask their fans to pay attention to this new stage in their career!

La'veil MizeriA - Soukoku

La’veil MizeriA – Soukoku

02.Shinshoku (神蝕)

La'veil MizeriA - Kikyo • MakotoLa'veil MizeriA - Nazuki • Miria

-kikyo- / Vocals
-makoto- /Guitar
-nazuki- / Guitar
-miria- / Bass
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La’veil MizeriA is a Visual Kei Rock band from Japan. The band is well-known for bringing back the classical sound and dark aesthetics of the 90’s Visual Kei scene. Their sound features up-tempo songs with distorted but melodic guitar riffs. La’veil MizeriA creates a world immersed in tragedy and despair through their music. Their looks mostly consist of dark goth-style costumes and heavy make-up. La’veil MizeriA is a must-listen band for every old-school Visual Kei lover!

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