La’veil MizeriA- 1st album “Higyakushoku no shuuen” (March 20th, 2019)

La'veil MizeriA

“I offer you the end of the signs of abuse caused by despair”

La’veil MizeriA will release their 1st full-length album titled “Higyakushoku no shuuen” on March 20th, 2019. It will contain 13 songs, including some new tracks and previously released songs. In addition, the band will start a tour all over Japan, performing in the 47 prefectures from March 14th.

La'veil MizeriA - higyakushoku no shuuen
1. shuuen
2. ✕✕✕✕
3. youran
4.『 』
5. shikase
6. usubeni no uso
7. ingyaku no kotowari
8. dyslexia
9. hiai saezuru shirabe
10. Secret Moon
11. akai ito
12. zetsuboukyou
13. rinne