Mikansei Alice – Single “Shogyou mujyo daisakkai” (March 18th, 2020)

Mikansei Alice 未完成アリス“You will get the worst luck”

Visual Kei Rock band Mikansei Alice will finally release their new single “Shogyou mujyo daisakkai” on March 18th.

If your behavior (acts “shogyou”) has no human emotions (heartlessness “mujyo”), whatever you do, won’t work (the worst luck “daisakkai”). In this modern society, people act recklessly on SNS in order to harm others, without taking into consideration the feelings of the affected person. Mikansei Alice presents to you a temple where to find peace in this cruel world.

This work will come with a CD that includes four tracks plus a DVD that features the music video for “Shogyou mujyo daisakkai” and the making-of.

After finishing the promotions of the mini-album “Stargazer and the celebration of their 2nd Anniversary, Mikansei Alice introduced Chihane as their official bassist and revealed the spot for this single. Later on, it was announced to be released in December, however, the date was postponed.

Their eye-catchy looks with flashy colors have been a distinctive trademark; however, the band recently unveiled a drastic change of look with a hint of a new dark theme that might be explored in upcoming releases.

Mikansei Alice 未完成アリス

Mikansei Alice has been touring non-stop all over Japan for a while, reaching fans from big and small cities. The band will end their current tour on June 4th at Mynavi Akasaka BLITZ. Definitely a proof of how hard they are working to conquer the scene!

Mikansei Alice - Shogyou mujyo daisakkai

Mikansei Alice – Shogyou mujyo daisakkai

1. Shogyou mujyo daisakkai (所業無情大殺界)
2. Kokubuncho Ideology (国分町イデオロギー)
3. Tei supekku hikan girl (低スペック悲観ガール)
4. Banshuu ni, kimi soufu.( 晩秋に、君想ふ。)

1. Shogyou mujyo daisakkai  (MV)
2. Shogyou mujyo daisakkai (MV Making)

Mikansei Alice -Rui Alicegawa Mikansei Alice - Yuiha • An Mikansei Alice - Chihane • Kazuki

Rui Alicegawa – Vocals
Yuiha – Guitar
An – Guitar
Chihane – Bass
Kazuki – Drums
🌐 mikansei-alice-official.amebaownd.com


Mikansei Alice (未完成アリス) is a Visual Kei Rock band from Japan. Their energetic songs feature catchy melodies with dynamic guitar riffs and even piano notes that gives them a jazz-rock feeling. Under the concept of “the mental condition of an incomplete girl”, their lyrics express the emotional conflicts caused by the fragility of the heart of women in their youth. Their addictive sound and high energy of the members creates an exciting experience during their concerts!

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