Mikansei Alice – Live DVD “2018.9.23 Takadanobaba AREA 7×7 oneman tour final” (April 24th, 2019)

Mikansei Alice 未完成アリスMikansei Alice will release a live DVD titled “2018.9.23 Takadanobaba AREA 7×7 oneman tour final” on April 24th. The DVD will feature 15 songs from their 1st-anniversary performance and final date of their last tour. It will be available for presale at live venues from March 4th.

In addition, the band will embark on a new “47 prefectures x 2 rounds” tour. They will perform all over Japan starting from March 23rd. The tour is expected to end until 2020.


01. Izonshou Puzzle
02. Hana ichi monme
03. I Scream
04. Anata no omocha
05. Kabukicho Midnight
06. 2-Jigen lovers
07. Urei no aria
08. Dirty
09. Stalking Jessie
10. Mugen Merry go
11. NaNa〜kurikaesu 7nin no watashi〜
12. NaNa〜watashi no naka no 7nin no shoujo〜
13. Hinekure monster
14. Yume sekai shoujo
15. Iine

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