Airo Maeda – 2nd Maxi-single “Watashi wa dare? Boku wa doko?” (August 21st, 2020)

Airo Maeda 前田愛郎

Visual Kei band UNDER FALL JUSTICE is well-known for carrying the flag of being the new generation of the dark Nagoya Kei scene. Vocalist and composer of the band, Airo Maeda, is ready to release his second single as a soloist on August 21st. “Watashi wa dare? Boku wa doko?” will contain 3 songs.

After the release of the first mini-álbum “Korosareta… last year, Airo continues to expand his world full of existentialism, sorrow, and misery.

There is no doubt that Airo Maeda‘s approach is controversial and hard to swallow but definitely worth to give it a try!

Airo Maeda – Watashi wa dare? Boku wa doko?

Airo Maeda – Watashi wa dare? Boku wa doko?

1. Watashi wa dare? Boku wa doko? [私は誰?僕はどこ?]
2. Hitoribocchi [ひとりぼっち] (Solo ver.)
3.I LOVE YOU ~Uragiri no daishou [I LOVE YOU〜裏切りの代償](Solo ver.)

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Airo Maeda, the vocalist of UNDER FALL JUSTICE, started his solo project in 2018. His concept portrays the deep and negative human emotions while continuing to carry the dark style of Nagoya Kei.

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