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Labaiser – Limited single “Laziness” (May 18th, 2020)

Labaiser ラヴェーゼ

Labaiser will release a new limited single titled “Laziness” on May 18th. This will be available to purchase only through mail order at Starwave Records online shop.

The band performed a non-audience concert on April 24th and unveiled their new look through the live stream. The announcement of the single was followed by the upload of the music video on YouTube!

Support drummer Shou (ex-Contrarie, ex-Capella) was featured on the MV and  the photo session.

Along with the news of this release, it was revealed that Labaiser will hold a one-man concert on July 16th at Ikebukuro BlackHole to commemorate their 4th Anniversary.

After their mini-album Ankoku ni saita myakuraku, “Laziness” is another proof of the growth of Labaiser and a teaser of what we can expect from them in this year.

Labaiser - Laziness


Labaiser – Laziness

1. -Jibatsu- [-自罰-] (SE)
2. Laziness

Labaiser - saya • nagitoLabaiser - serah • yamato

Labaiser (ラヴェーゼ) is a heavy rock / visual kei band from Japan. Their music is created under the concept of «A contract to the abyss» with a heavy and destructive sound that features clean and growling vocals. Labaiser conveys a dark world full of despair and tragedy.


saya – vocals
nagito – guitar
serah – guitar
yamato – bass

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