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Scarlet Valse – Limited single “ONE” (June 29th, 2020)

Scarlet Valse

Scarlet Valse has released a new limited single titled “ONE” on June 29th.

The musical and entertainment scene around the world has been stopped abruptly as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. However, Scarlet Valse has been active and in contact with their fans through online activities. The band is known for their uplifting songs, and this time, ONE was made with the intention of comforting the hearts of everyone in these difficult days.

ONE is an emotive ballad that portrays the soft side of Scarlet Valse, which is really different from the previous release “Inferno“. This song features a chorus of 26 guest artists: I (the Reveude), Rui Alicegawa (Mikansei Alice), An (Mikansei Alice), Iori (Magistina Saga), Jesk (Veritas), Caya (BlacK TeaR), -kakeru- (LIVERECHT), Kyohei (Neograph), Kei (gout.), KEN (Shikisai), KOHEI SATO (Alma ga shinda), -satsuki- (LIVERECHT), Saya (Labaiser), Jaki, Sow (HOLLOW SHADE), 70. (XANVALA), Hamabe Dai, Hayate (Neograph), Benjo Taro, MARTHA (SIRENE), Airo Maeda (UNDER FALL JUSTICE), MBJ (ASHURA), Mo∀ (BlacK TeaR), YUITO (Sclaim), Yuraki (project Coda), and -remu- (LIVERECHT).

This single is being sold on the Starwave Records online shop and it will be available at their upcoming concerts. It contains the songs ONE and L-The Other Side-. A special package that includes the CD and other goods is available to purchase as well.

Even when it’s not possible to meet in person at the moment, Scarlet Valse is looking for strengthening the bonds with all their fans so don’t miss the chance to see their online broadcastings! The flame of Scarlet Valse is still burning to warm your heart!

Scarlet Valse - ONE

Scarlet Valse – ONE

01. ONE
02. L-The Other Side-

Scarlet Valse - KakeruScarlet Valse - You. • RinScarlet Valse - Shian • Yo-hey

Scarlet Valse is a visual kei symphonic power metal band from Japan. Their heavy but uplifting sound features fast-tempo beats, powerful and fast guitar solos, and melodic arrangements with encouraging or romantic lyrics. Carrying a strong sense of elegance, the members pull off impressive looks. The energetic songs and their wild stage presence make their concerts an exciting experience!


Kakeru – Vocal
You. – Guitar
Rin – Guitar
Shian – Bass
Yo-hey – Drums

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