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Interview with FIXER / 2018


FIXER is a Japanese Visual Kei rock band that was formed in 2013. Their music is a combination of rock with metal, hardcore, loud, and EDM elements featuring a mixture of growls and clean vocals.

FIXER has been making their way up the music scene and they want to spread more and more their music throughout the world! If you are not already a fan, don’t hesitate to check their music out! Please continue to support the band by buying physical CDs or downloading songs through legal sites. If you want to see them live in your city, make a request to your local event production companies!

First of all, could you please introduce yourselves to all the people who are not familiar with the band yet?

Jey: I’m Jey on vocals.

Yuhma:  I am Yuhma from FIXER. I’m in charge of playing the guitar and showing the abs.

Aika: I’m Aika, the FIXER’s guitarist on the left side of the stage (from the audience’s viewpoint). I love bread.

70.: I am the bassist of FIXER.

What is the band concept? Also, how would you describe the musical style of FIXER?

Jey: We basically create music that exposes the weak points or the hidden faces of the people.

Yuhma: There is no such thing as impossible to FIXER. Our music genre, the production of our concerts, everything is put into consideration in order to seek perfection and to be able to create innovative things.

Aika: Although the concept changes a little in every release, our music style constantly features a heavy sound with a catchy melody. Also, there is a lot of pain in it.

70.: We are currently working on the concept of an arbiter who holds a scale.

Do you take inspiration from any other artists?

Jey: Kyo from DIR EN GREY.

Yuhma: hide from X JAPAN.

Aika: If had to choose just one person, it would be MIYAVI.

70.: J from LUNA SEA.

Could you please talk about your new single “argentum”?

Jey: It’s about being in contact with my own reason of being and touching that deep part of a weak heart that seems to be strong.

Yuhma:  It is a song with a new element in it, a new component never used in FIXER before. Please enjoy the evolved sound of FIXER.

Aika: Even though the songs of FIXER have a lot of high tones, this time with “Argentum” we tried to make a catchy melody with no ups and downs from the first verse to the chorus.

70.: The story of “ARBITER” is about black and silver. The shape in which the silver branched from there is the “Argentum”.

The fans of FIXER are called “ERs”. What is the meaning behind this name?

Jey: FIX(ERs)

Yuhma: They are the goddesses of FIXER.

Aika: There is a strong implication that we have included the fans as a part of FIXER by using one part of the name of the band.

70.: FIXER→ERs. They are a part of FIXER.

Which artist would you like to share the stage with?

Jey: Slipknot!

Yuhma: All That Remains!!

Aika: Slipknot!!

70.: Limp Bizkit!!

What is your best feature? Conversely, if you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Jey: I obey my emotions. That’s also the thing that I would like to change about myself.

Yuhma: Since I don’t look back to the past, I don’t have any regrets. I always do my best with all my strength.

Aika: It seems that I have a good sense of melody.  I’ve been playing a lot of guitar solos lately, and so I would like to get better at it.

70.: I follow my instincts, which’s something good and bad.

Is there any funny story during a live performance or while on tour?

Jey: Once I looked at Yuhma and he was doing a weird dance during the live show.

Yuhma: There was a time when Jey ripped his pants in a concert.

Aika: Something was wrong with the window of our cargo van so we couldn’t close it. All of us made a “window” with stuff like duct tape. It became a good memory now.

70.: Aika only eats bread.

What do you think about the current Visual Kei scene compared to the old ones from the ’80s or ’90s?

Jey: I like both, but It seems that the term Visual Kei is disappearing because it’s been used widely and in an indiscriminate way.

Yuhma: It has become a scene with a wide range of expression where a great diversity of genres can be played with no restrictions. I think it is good.

Aika: I have the feeling that the idols have become stronger. However, the quality of the whole VK scene seems to be getting higher.

70.: At the present time, the quality of the songs is great thanks to the progress in recording technology. However, back in the day when there were not too many technological resources, there was a feeling of “How can I express myself being so limited?”, that desperate hunger for being able to accomplish something cannot be copied nowadays.

Are you aware that FIXER has fans from distant places like North America, Latin America, and Europe? If you had the chance to perform in any of those places, what is the best distinctive attribute of FIXER that you would like to show to your fans?

Jey: I want to hit your emotions. I would like you to experience that FIXER that you will be able to feel only on that day in that certain place.

Yuhma: I am happy to see that international fans are increasing. Someday we will perform overseas, please wait for us.

Aika: I see the presence of overseas fans on Twitter and CD shops. I would like to see more and more foreigners at our shows. Don’t judge only by appearance, I want you to experience in the flesh our performances.

70.: I’m looking forward to meeting all overseas ERs who always send me warm messages on Twitter. I want to give you a concert that breaks the language barrier.

Lastly, please send a message to all your international fans.

Jey: Love

Yuhma: Thank you. I am doing my best to make you smile, please keep supporting us.

Aika: If we have the chance to perform overseas, let’s become one that day, ER’s and FIXER.

70.: Please wait for us.

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