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Interview with Mikansei Alice / 2018

Mikansei AliceMikansei Alice is a young Japanese Visual kei Rock band. Although they debuted just last year, their members are already well-known in the scene. Vocalist 琉火-lyubi- (formerly known as Rui, ex-member of Misaruka) and guitarist 唯依葉-yuiha- (ex-member of Synk,yet) decided to start a musical unit together to continue persuading their dream after the disbandment of their respective bands in 2017. At the very beginning, they introduced themselves as a duo, but then shortly announced 晏-an- as their second guitarist. After that, bassist 栞-shiori- (ex-Synk;yet) and drummer 和希-kazuki- (formerly known as Vetchie, ex-Misaruka) were added to the final line up.

The band released a first single titled “Iine/2jigen lover” on September 13rd, 2017 and they hold their first live in Tokyo on September 24th. The limited single “Anata no omocha” was put on sale in December, followed by another limited single titled “Kabikicho Midnight” in January 2018. Their second single “Izonshou Puzzle” was recently released on March 14th.

Mikansei Alice is ready to rule the scene with their powerful music and incredibly exciting concerts! If you are not already a fan, don’t hesitate to check their music out! Please continue to support the band by buying physical CDs or downloading songs through legal sites. If you want to see them live in your city, make a request to your local event production companies!

First of all, could you please introduce yourself to all the people who are not familiar with the band yet?

琉火-lyubi-I’m Lyubi on vocals. I’m the kind of guy who wants to be number one in everything!

唯依葉-yuiha-I am Yuiha, the lead guitarist! Nice to meet you.

晏-an- I am An, the guitarist on the stage right (stage left from the audience’s viewpoint). I’m in charge of the emotional side of the band.

和希-kazuki-I’m Kazuki on drums. Despite the fact that I am not really tall, I play the drums vigorously!

What is the meaning behind “Mikansei Alice”?  What is the band concept at the moment?

琉火-lyubi-The band concept is “the mental condition of an incomplete girl”. The concept is directly linked to the meaning of the band name.

和希-kazuki-We describe through our music the mental instability of the people which does not feel complete.

Could you please describe the music of Mikansei Alice?

琉火-lyubi-Guitar sounds that make you addicted to the songs after listening them.

和希-kazuki-Having in mind the excitement during the concerts,  I would say that our music has a lot of stimulating sounds!

Have you ever taken inspiration from any other artist at the moment of making songs? Do you pour your own experiences into the lyrics?

琉火-lyubi-Yes, sometimes. I am influenced by Picasso.

-an-I’ve been influenced by many artists. I think that my own songs are an assembly of all the music that I’ve listened to until now.

和希-kazuki-I am influenced by a lot of artists. I use that inspiration to make something better in my own way.

Could you please talk about your new single “Izonshou Puzzle”?

琉火-lyubi-The theme is dependence and puzzles.  I think both words really fit the concept of an “incomplete girl”. That’s the reason why we decided to elaborate this idea in the single.

唯依葉-yuiha- Although the sound of “Izonshou Puzzle” seems to be simple, I don’t think you can play the guitar phrasing properly in a concert if you don’t practice every day! However, I do think that it’s a really cool guitar phrasing. If one of you is a guitar player, I challenge you to try it! (laughs).

We did what we wanted to do with the costumes and make-up style. I think that we fully achieved a cool look!

和希-kazuki-These flashy puzzle pattern clothes are fun and unusual. This single has an addictive heavy rock sound.

What kind of band do you want to become in the future? Have you already decided a main goal?

琉火-lyubi-I cannot start my true life as a member of this band until I’ve achieved a certain goal. There is a place for such a purpose.

唯依葉-yuiha-Even if it’s a dream for the future, I would like us to become a band that is not only active in Japan but also be able to have activities around the world! Concretely at this moment, I would like to make our first-anniversary concert something memorable on a big stage!

和希-kazuki-I would like us to be that kind of band that brings joy to the hearts of the fans during a concert.

Is there any artist you would like to have a collaboration with on stage?

琉火-lyubi-ONE OK ROCK

唯依葉-yuiha-It is a difficult question but, don’t you think it would be something exciting and lovely to have a collaboration with a classical orchestra? (laughs)

-an-I would like to perform along with SID someday. They are the band that got me into the Visual kei scene.


Do you remember the first time that you wore make-up on stage? How was it?

琉火-lyubi-My make-up was terrible.

唯依葉-yuiha-I wonder how was it? (laughs). I was probably really desperate at that time and before I knew it my first performance was already over. Since I was more worried about playing, I don’t remember anything about my make up at all (laughs).

-an-I felt that I wasn’t myself. I remember that I was excited about it. I thought “I turned into a Visual Kei musician! That’s cool!”

和希-kazuki- I felt like a different person. I was impressed by the fact that a world like that existed.

Would you like to do a tour in Mexico and other Latin American countries someday? Is there something in particular that you would like to do as a tourist in any of those countries?

琉火-lyubi- I would like to go to a dinosaur theme park!

唯依葉-yuiha-I heard that there is an angels ‘wings monument in Mexico. I want to go to that particular place! I also heard that there a lot of people who love music and Japanese culture in Latin America.  Of course, I would like to do a tour there if we get the chance!

-an-Of course, I would like to do an overseas tour! It might be slightly different from sightseeing, but since Mexico is well-known for tequila, I want to drink genuine tequila if I go there!

和希-kazuki-I would like to do a tour there for sure! I want to eat the local specialties of each place. Also, I’d like to buy some local ingredients and seasonings to bring them to Japan!

Lastly, could you please send a message to all your international fans?

琉火-lyubi-I want to go overseas to meet you all! I want to go overseas to meet you all! Call us! Call us! Call us! Please invite us to perform overseas!

唯依葉-yuiha-Thank you very much for such a lovely interview! To all the international Visual Kei fans, please support our activities! Follow me on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook!

晏-an-I am An from Mikansei Alice. I’ve never been outside Japan in my life, so I would like to go overseas for the first time to do a concert! In that case, please let me what are the most delicious foods or famous spots of my destination.

和希-kazuki-Many thanks for your attention!  Someday we will become a big band and we will be able to expand our music with ease! Please wait for us!

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