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Meet Buinyasu & Yaminyasu, the lovely cat mascots who love visual kei!

Buinyasu & Yaminyasu, the visual kei cats
Buinyasu (right) and Yaminyasu (left)

Buinyasu and Yaminyasu are a pair of adorable cat mascots who have snatched the hearts of visual kei fans and musicians in the scene. With several music covers and appearances at concerts and events, these cats are exponentially becoming more popular on social networks!

Japan is famous for its kawaii culture and the yuru-chara (mascot characters) are an important part of it. Some of these have gotten viral all over the internet! Mascot characters are known for promoting cities or businesses, but Buinyasu (ぶいにゃす) is a white cat yuru-chara that jumped into social media professing its love to visual kei in May 2019.

The influencer cat, who has gotten already over 10K followers on Twitter, got recognition for its great covers from established artists like X JAPAN, the GazettE, L’Arc~en~Ciel, DIR EN GREY, and LUNA SEA; but also songs from rising stars like -SKS- ZIGZAG or non-VK artists such as SixTONES. Buinyasu has shown to be proficient at guitar, bass, drums, and piano! To the surprise of many, the charming mascot has been even featured on stage with D and DOG in the PWO!

Buinyasu – the GazettE “Hyena” (guitar cover)

In addition to the many snaps with popular musicians like ASAGI (D), Miku (An Cafe/Lc5), and YUKKE (MUCC) to name a few; Buinyasu’s feed is full of clips visiting venues or shops, reading music magazines, and doing other kinds of funny activities. Furthermore, this cute yuru-chara often highlights classic Japanese rock CDs from its large collection along with new arrivals.

But the white cat is not alone in this journey. Yaminyasu (やみにゃす), Buinyasu’s lovely buddy, was introduced in February 2020. Both cats can be frequently seen playing together and goofing around. While Buinyasu is a multi-instrumentalist, the black cat seems to be more fond of playing the drums or appearing as an actor in the music covers.

Buinyasu and Yaminyasu are melting plenty of hearts in the underground visual kei scene of Japan. Follow them on social media to enjoy their great covers, laugh with their silly games or see them posing next to your favorite star!

Buinyasu – -SKS- ZIGZAG “Promise” (bass cover)

Official Sites

Twitter – Buinyasu: https://twitter.com/buinyasu
Twitter – Yaminyasu:  https://twitter.com/yaminyasu0214
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/buinyasu
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/buinyasu