Interview with FIXER / 2018

FIXER is a Japanese Visual Kei rock band that was formed in 2013. Their music is a combination of rock with metal, hardcore, loud, and EDM elements featuring a mixture of growls and clean vocals. FIXER has been making their way up the music scene and they want to spread more and more their music …

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Mikansei Alice 未完成アリス

Interview with Mikansei Alice / 2018

Mikansei Alice is a young Japanese Visual kei Rock band. Although they debuted just last year, their members are already well-known in the scene. Vocalist 琉火-lyubi- (formerly known as Rui, ex-member of Misaruka) and guitarist 唯依葉-yuiha- (ex-member of Synk,yet) decided to start a musical unit together to continue persuading their dream after the disbandment of …

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