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Visual Kei unit Zeke Deux debuts with the symphonic demo “Zero”

Zeke Deux

New Visual kei unit Zeke Deux, formed by Scarlet Valse’s frontman Kakeru and the Reveude’s guitarist Haruka, released the demo tape Zero on November 24, 2021.

A first listen to the sound of Zeke Deux was given through the “Zero” music video, featuring a melodic heavy base with a powerful rhythm infused with symphonic elements and fast guitar work. The elegant military aesthetics reinforce their concept of “a revolutionary army”.

Despite being a unit, Zeke Deux is not a 2-piece band. Guitarist Satsuki, bassist Jr. / bassist Maya, and drummer Loa will be joining Kakeru and Haruka on stage as “project members”. Zeke Deux debuted live on November 11 at Ebisu club aim in Tokyo.

Regardless of living in a digital era, Zeke Deux decided to make an interesting move by releasing a cassette tape instead of a regular CD. The tape contains the tracks “Zero” and “Phantom Pain”. This can be purchased at Starwave Records online shop.

With the recent announcements of the upcoming disbandment of the Reveude and Scarlet Valse pausing activities indefinitely next year, Kakeru and Haruka have stated that those events are not related to the formation of Zeke Deux.

As “two zeros that head to a future full of possibilities”, the joint project is gearing up to record new songs and add more concerts in hopes to inspire others to keep moving forward through music.

Zeke Deux – Zero

Zeke Deux – Zero

01. Zero
02. Phantom Pain

Official Sites
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhMnm8yysV5dVVkA08RObrD-dSsPUwMkt
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZekeD_Official

Kakeru – vocals
Haruka – guitar

“Project members” (Support)
Satsuki – guitar
Jr. / Maya – bass
Loa – drums

Label: Starwave Records

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