UNDER FALL JUSTICE – Mini-album “Boku igai ni nani ga iru?” (December 11th, 2019)


Nagoya Kei band UNDER FALL JUSTICE is back with a new mini album titled “Boku igai ni nani ga iru?” to be released on December 11th, 2019. The band returned to the stage from a hiatus in July and announced the beginning of the second period in their career. This long-awaited work will contain 6 tracks and a DVD with the music video for “Boku igai ni nani ga iru?”.

Enroll yourself into the dark world of Nagoya Kei and don’t miss this work from UNDER FALL JUSTICE!

UNDER FALL JUSTICE – ”Boku igai ni nani ga iru?”

UNDER FALL JUSTICE – Boku igai ni nani ga iru?

1. SE
2. 破滅のダンス (Hametsu no dansu)
3. 幸せになりたかった.. (Shiawase ni naritakatta..)
4. メンヘラに恋をした (Menhera ni koi wo shita)
5. 呪縛 (Jubaku)
6. 僕以外に何がいる?(Boku igai ni nani ga iru?)
1. Boku igai ni nani ga iru? (MV)


Airo Maeda – Vocals | Syoma Hayase – Guitar | Akito Sugino – Bass | Jin Ikezumi – Drums
 Official Sites 🌐 underfalljustice.info

UNDER FALL JUSTICE is a Japanese heavy rock / visual kei band which has become an obligatory reference in the underground scene of Nagoya. The band explores the dark side of humanity with songs filled with pain and existential angst. Their distinctive sound combines fast-tempo beats, synth chords, and distorted guitars while the peculiar and screaming vocals from Airo evoke despair and effusive anger. Depressive slow tempo songs have also an important role in the tracklist of the band. Their euphoric performances and shocking visuals are something worth watching!
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