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XANVALA drops first EP “Gayoku no maku”


Promising Japanese rock band XANVALA has released a first EP titled Gayoku no maku on June 2. This work contains 6 tracks plus a DVD featuring the music video for “Hitori butai”.

Since the formation of the band in 2020, XANVALA has proved to be a must-listen for any rock music fan. Their fresh and energetic essence is showcased through the songs presented on this EP. The promotional track, “Hitori butai”, stands out with catchy riffs and a vibrant rhythm combined with the emotional voice of Tatsumi.

In contrast to the ferociously loud single Janome that came out in January, XANVALA presents a brighter sound for this work. Despite this, tracks like “ratchet” or “Tragedy wa gitaisuru” are proof that the aggressive side is still present.

Prior to this release, the music video for “Dare ga tame no koufukuron” (from the singles compilation Roku jyuusou) was unleashed in March for the delight of fans of their earlier songs. The unstoppable race of XANVALA is underway as a new limited single has been already announced. The single Bamby will be available to purchase only at concerts from June 7. 

XANVALA has been forced to slow down the pace due to the outbreak of the pandemic, but they are still aiming to reach more areas in Japan as far as the circumstances allow, and of course, hoping to tour internationally in the near future as well. For the time being, the band will be doing a Japanese one-man tour in August that includes Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Sendai.

As the curtain rises, witness the act that XANVALA has put on for the world to see!

XANVALA – “Hitori butai” (from the EP Gayoku no maku)
XANVALA – Gayoku no maku

XANVALA – Gayoku no maku

1. Hitori butai [ヒトリ舞台]
3. ratchet
4. Tragedy wa gitaisuru [トラジェディは擬態する]
5. Nemuru byoshin [眠る秒針]
6. Shumaku [終幕]

1. Hitori butai (MV)
2. Hitori butai (MV Tatsumi Angle)
3. Hitori butai (MV Yuhma Angle)
4. Hitori butai (MV Souma Angle)
5. Hitori butai (MV 70. Angle)
6. Hitori butai (MV Tomoya Angle)
7. “Gayoku no maku” Audio Commentary

XANVALA – “Dare ga tame no koufukuron” (from the single compilation Roku jyuusou)


XANVALA is a Japanese Rock / Visual Kei band that started activities in early 2020. Their music features a heavy yet melodic sound, in conjunction with dynamic guitar riffs, electronic backings, and powerful vocal lines. The band brings a combination of elements from different influences, without attaching to just one particular style. Under the concept of “messy things are beautiful” and the name XANVALA (pronounced as “zanbala”) carrying the meaning of “disheveled hair”, it goes without saying that headbanging is a must at concerts! XANAVALA’s intense rock has received a good response and attracted many listeners, fueling the spirits of the members to continue breaking into the scene with full determination.

Official Sites

Website: https://xanvala.com
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq1DiSYb5VybCRkwcebXJvQ
Twitter: https://twitter.com/XANVALA
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xanvala
Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3roFgDP
Apple Music: https://apple.co/3sH7Pwk


Tatsumi – vocals
Yuhma – guitar
Souma – guitar
70. – bass
Tomoya – drums

Label: PARAGUAS inc.

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